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For over four decades, quattro® all-wheel drive has defied convention and pushed the boundaries of handling, agility, and control for Audi vehicles. First introduced in 1980, quattro® all-wheel drive has helped drivers excel across the entire spectrum of both wet and dry road conditions to enhance both performance and capability. While other automakers have attempted to copy the dynamic performance of quattro® all-wheel drive, none have been able to surpass Audi as the industry leader in pioneering all-wheel drive innovation and technology.

Audi quattro Rally Car

History of quattro® All-Wheel Drive

Ever since its introduction, Audi has caused a stir among luxury manufacturers thanks to its impeccable reputation for blending premium comfort with sophisticated design and relentless innovation. Back in 1981, the world got its first glimpse of quattro® at the World Rally Championship. Over the next 4 years, Audi would earn an astonishing 24 wins over the competition in this series. While continuing to dominate race circuits across the globe, quattro® was determined to be an unfair advantage and banned entirely. Despite being blacklisted, Audi persevered and went on to earn 11 victories in a 13-race stretch at the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

Audi quattro system

How Does the Audi quattro® System Work?

The development behind Audi quattro® is centered around an asymmetric torque split that transfers power when and where it's required. In safe driving situations, the quattro® all-wheel drive features a rear-biased power delivery, with a 40:60 power delivery. Should the vehicle detect that the conditions have changed, it's able to instantaneously distribute power from 70:30 to 15:85 front to rear depending on which system your Audi is equipped with. The result is an unrivaled connection to the road, regardless of the weather conditions.

Audi R8

Agile Cornering

Elevating quattro® to the next level are available torque vectoring and the Sport differential. Engineered with advanced braking and traction control features, torque vectoring bolsters handling by transferring torque to the outside cornering wheels while independently braking the inside cornering wheels. The optional Sport differential directs power towards the outside of the wheels, allowing you to attack the apex of a tight corner with confidence.

Audi Q3 Snow

Is Audi quattro® Good In Snow?

Before it began taking the competition by storm on pavement, Audi rally vehicles with quattro® demonstrated poise and agility on rugged mountain passes and snowy gravel roads. Especially important for drivers who regularly face snowy commutes, Audi quattro® adds an additional layer of confidence behind the wheel. While other luxury vehicles are equipped with electronic all-wheel drive components, quattro® is a mechanically-based system that's built to withstand harsh weather conditions and freezing temperatures. It's yet another reason why quattro® all-wheel drive remains the industry standard.